Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Healthy Lil Peanut!!!

Our trip to the doctor today was momentous! We were dutifully anxious, but not really worried. What with the hyperemesis and the reassurances that this is a GOOD sign of progress, we fully anticipated everything being okay. Still, there is that moment before the screen resolution flips to real time when you are silently praying 'let there be a baby there'... and when you finally realize that what you're looking at is your baby you let out the breath you didn't know you were holding! We were really excited to see the lil baby head and beginnings of appendages. I'll admit it: I cried. Couldn't help it! Everything was just so overwhelmingly wonderful and I was so happy (and relieved) to see a baby on the screen!

We were just getting over how wonderful that pulsing heartbeat was (you could actually SEE it!) and peering very intently at the monitor... when suddenly, our Peanut did a lil jig! Just wiggled its lil body and waved lil nubby arms and legs as if Peanut knew we were watching and was hamming it up for quite the show! Eric and I just started laughing! We couldn't believe it! Our lil guy/gal is only the size of a peanut/small grape and already knows how to dance! :)

We also got to hear the heartbeat. Sounds like a little washing machine! What a lovely sound. Dr. Sayat is putting the due date at November 17! We'll keep ya'll posted!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Entering the Blogging World

Well, ladies and gentlemen, 'twould appear I've finally succumbed to the increasing blogging activity of my friends and decided I might as well join the fun! I must say, I don't really have very profound things to say-- so don't expect to necessarily be entertained!-- but here we go anyhow!