Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Affair with Water

I love it when Gwen loves swimming lessons. I am proud when she kicks and moves her arm to attempt to retrieve a rubber duckie, sits on the side of the pool with outstretched arms in anticipation for "3" which means I'm going to lift her into the water, and only sputters a little when we go through the waterfall. Putting her face in the water is still an ordeal, but is anyone surprised?
I love it when Gwen loves the beach at the lake. Running straight for the water so that I had to quickly snatch her up before a dive-- she was FEARLESS! I am proud of her confidence getting in the water and articulation when she then asks me to help her "es-swimming, es-swimming!" (it sounds like 'It's swimming') with all her excitement.

I love it when Gwen wants to help water the garden... one lil tupperware at a time, each time coming back to me and the water bucket with a loud squeal and empty tupperware held overhead! And, to be perfectly honest about things, I don't mind when she purposefully dumps the tupperware on herself and laughs about it.

Do I love it when she wants to:

play in the rain? Yes. I suppose I do.

play in the mud puddles? Not so much. But once the clothes are dirty and the damage is done, I guess I do enjoy seeing her so happy, almost naked, and VERY dirty!

before and after

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lil Friends and Polar Bear Video!

Our great friends are moving on in life, heading out of Columbus towards new things. They moved in right about the same time we did just a few apartments down, have a daughter just about Gwen's age, and are pretty much amazing in every way. We headed to the zoo together... and had a blast despite the indomitable heat!
Don't you love all the great reactions? Well, Lil Atticus slept right through all of it. But Charlotte's face is priceless: I gotta admit, that Polar exhibit is really cool! We timed it just right to see some great things. Like the following video:

Well, this is not the proper forum to say my goodbyes. But I will say that we love you guys so much! I know Gwen will still continue to ask to play with Charlotte every day... it will be so hard for her to understand. I DO understand and it is still hard for me. We will really miss you!