Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Costumes (aka, how I am a sucker for spending limited time in frivolous ways for a silly holiday)

You might gather from the title that I am a bit chagrined by the amount of effort I put into a certain costume for the amount of time it remained on a little person's body (Caroline, you are such a varmint!)

I thought I managed to pull off a pretty cute look, considering the amount of time allotted me to work on it, but considering how busy we have been, maybe I should have cleaned my toilets instead. She only wore her costume for 5 minutes... then I started to find pieces of it on the floor at our church building for our trunk or treat. Ah well. I guess we were never shoo-ins for the costume award anyway (but I am proud to say I made them and that the cost was minimal)! Gwen sure loved her shark, though, and wants to wear her costume non-stop around the house.

And apparently, noone could figure out that I was a jelly-fish. No, I was not an umbrella. I thought it looked pretty good, especially with the goldfish and shark alongside, but maybe I wasn't so obvious as I supposed. Eric's costume subtlety went over EVERYONE's heads. They all thought he just didn't dress up. No no. It is a pun. and it is punny. He's a "muscle"... "mussel"... goes along with the ocean theme? get it? get it?... but no one got it. Or could appreciate the humor because he is definitely NOT what most people would call a muscle... :P and he said it first, not me!

I'll have to do another post with the fun things we've been doing around here, but this week is too busy. I've got to turn in my 60 page thesis in a week!