Monday, May 23, 2016

Blogging Expectations

I got a new computer and have decided it was time to reinsert myself into our tech-dependent relationship. The past few months without internet as my old computer slowly worked its way towards complete failure provided clarity about how I want to spend my child-free time (in other words, that precious time when the kids are sleeping). I discovered I can get along just fine without posting anything at all. I discovered I don't even get as much validation from comments or views on blogger or facebook as I used to. That's definitely a good thing. Healthy, even. :)

So you might see a decrease in my blog activity this summer. I probably won't post about every sewing project I do (though I will probably do one big sewing catchall at the end of the summer!) I probably won't post weekly updates (just gonna send those pics straight to the Grandmas who really want them anyway). And I may even include blog posts WITHOUT pictures *gasp!* if I feel like chatting about a book I read! 

And I'm not even going to feel bad about it. 

This is me. Reclaiming my authorship. :)

Oh, and I just finished these illustrations for a talented client (Shout out to Tamara Hart Heiner
who doesn't read this blog anyway). I really liked how they turned out! That snarky girl's expression is just so perfect. :)