Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Favorite Faces

I just had to share some of my favorite faces on some of my favorite little people from the past few months!
Emmett- finally getting happy in water!
Always content... when he is eating!
Keeping him entertained during sisters' swimming lessons.
He loves wearing shades! We've gone through a heart pair already but he doesn't show any signs of growing tired of them!
He loves to copy the faces his sisters make!
He's been a stinker of late about requiring arms to hold him, but we are managing the phase knowing that soon enough he'll be pushing us away bc mommy and daddy are embarassing/crunch his style. This face wins me over every time!
When I ask Caroline to smile, this is what I get. She has taken crazy faces to a whole new level!

Sometimes she shows genuine glee! Feet off the ground!
Not a face, but a nice pic of her naked out in the pasture...she stripped out there so she could get wet in the wheel line! 
close inspection of a worm.

The girl plays hard. I LOVE when she sleeps! This particular day she fell asleep DURING dinner.

Gwen loves being Emmett's older sister! She takes really good care of him and tolerates his constant demands for "lap". 
She is a little funny lately--- I think we are seeing the tip of the moody iceberg. Sometimes she just won't smile. Other times she hides behind food or toys so we can't see her mouth.
But when it suits her, she can still be coerced into being silly.

She LOVES riding her bike!
And swimming underwater
And she still goes crazy/silly when she dances and sings!

And there are LOTS of ridiculous poses.
Can't see her face, but this is a typical view of the top of her head when she is peering intently to examine something. In this case, trying to toast ants with a magnifying glass has her occupied. 
But this is my favorite because it is just SO Gwen: happy 2 seconds before, but now Caroline is touching her and she is just NOT going to be happy about it. 

oh, and while this one is definitely not a "face"... it is still an abs fave photo from the summer!