Sunday, April 17, 2016

Easter Dress Mania!

I promised.

and I deliver. :)

So prep your mouth in that "oh" or "ooh" shape and take a look!
Easter morning-- girls in their sweet dresses, me NOT in mine (it wasn't finished), but still bright and spring-y!
Caroline's is a slightly altered See&Sew b6038 with quilter's cotton fabrics...I don't know which ones. a bunch of seemingly random selections in vibrant colors that work together none-the-less! Matching fabrics is honestly one of my favorite parts of sewing! Gwen's is a circle skirt attached to a top from the second-hand store in a jersey knit. Those vertical stripes were inspired by a pic I saw online, but there was no pattern. So I used basic geometry math to adjust the myriad of circle skirt tutorials out there and we just went for it. Turned out well!
They weren't too eager for a photo shoot. Gwen later discovered that her circle skirt was extra twirly, and requested another photo, but we never got around to it. 

 Weeks later, my Easter dress is finished. 
 It is a GORGEOUS mint eyelet from Michael Miller called Mist, lined with white voile, contrasting trim is bias tape from Joann's. I bought the mint invisible zipper online from ZipperStop (very affordable!) My o-so-fashionable necklace is from Volunteers of America, my sandals are the most comfy wedges ever because they are Crocs and I've got my Silver Floral on Magenta Jams on too! lol, Writing all that makes me feel like I'm a fashion blog or something (I give myself airs). 
 The dress has a high, modest back and this great lacing detail. (My apologies for the wrinkled view. I am new to 'fashion photography' and such) I added the pleats as a solution for the unflattering way the fabric was draping originally. It gave me more control over where the draping occurred is much more flattering now!
  The sleeves I designed completely myself!  They are raglan with gathering at the top and a sweet puckering pleat at the arm. I have little ones to chase around-- my own AND I am currently in nursery at church-- so I needed flexibility and mobility. The only thing I might do differently would be to add a hint of elastic at the pleat so that when I'm NOT raising my arms or putting my hands on my hips, the sleeve wouldn't 'stand up' on its own so far away from my torso.
Caroline totally wanted to participate in my photoshoot today... Though getting photographed was HER idea, she only wanted to make silly faces. 

I am BEYOND pleased with how everything turned out! Proud as a peacock, actually! I've got new projects in the works, but I am so happy with how these turned out!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Monkey Caroline is 5

My Crazy Caroline is 5 today! 

Hard to believe it was 5 years ago when she was so tiny and new.
She makes the strangest faces...
 but that shouldn't be too surprising, since at only a week old she was already practicing these exotic face contortions! :)

She her beautiful, adorable, "I'm-so-cute-you-can't-resist-my-whims" face is precious, though.
Then, and now. 

Her favorite color is yellow. It suits her personality too!
  She is an active, outdoor, mess-lovin, athletic gal who astonishes me with her natural physical talents! Besides her penchant for exploration of all things sporty, she has a wonderful gift for loving people---ALL people, complete strangers no exception---without reservation. She feels and shows her love generously!
  Sometimes she look... or even a gremlin
 but then she pulls out an exalted face like this and we can't help but be energized by her enthusiasm for life!
 She is a happy, passionate girl! Watch out world! She's 5 now!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Up To: Headboard Project

Blog post about our completed Easter dresses pending, but in the mean time enjoy this wonderfully brief post about our homemade head board! Yes, Eric and I have finally arrived as a married couple: we have a head board. Almost 10 years in. :)
Used these plans for our project; a nice Jacobian stain for a sort of walnut look, but with more warmth; and a satin finish seal. (note to selves: leave it to air out in the garage for a full week, rather than just 3 days. Whew, good thing the weather allowed us to open our windows!)

Added these pretty cool accents just for fun. 

We had a blast working on this together when the weather was too uncompromising for garden work or family walks. 

Gwen was a decent sander. 

Caroline and Emmett actually played well together while she pushed him around on the bike. 

Another evening when the car was in the garage and they couldn't ride bikes, the kiddos piled into the car and had a great time! Who knew a parked car held so many fun opportunities?

Such a great project to do together!
We LOVE it! Funny how I feel more legit as an adult somehow. :)