Sunday, April 3, 2016

Up To: Headboard Project

Blog post about our completed Easter dresses pending, but in the mean time enjoy this wonderfully brief post about our homemade head board! Yes, Eric and I have finally arrived as a married couple: we have a head board. Almost 10 years in. :)
Used these plans for our project; a nice Jacobian stain for a sort of walnut look, but with more warmth; and a satin finish seal. (note to selves: leave it to air out in the garage for a full week, rather than just 3 days. Whew, good thing the weather allowed us to open our windows!)

Added these pretty cool accents just for fun. 

We had a blast working on this together when the weather was too uncompromising for garden work or family walks. 

Gwen was a decent sander. 

Caroline and Emmett actually played well together while she pushed him around on the bike. 

Another evening when the car was in the garage and they couldn't ride bikes, the kiddos piled into the car and had a great time! Who knew a parked car held so many fun opportunities?

Such a great project to do together!
We LOVE it! Funny how I feel more legit as an adult somehow. :)


  1. It was a fun project! Great teamwork. Your skeels plus my skeels...