Friday, March 4, 2016

Braggin on my Gymnast

Sometimes a mom's got to brag on her kids. Mom prerogative. :)
My Caroline is a gymnast. She was pretty much born that way! It has been very exciting as a parent to see the natural talent (aka recklessness!) being shaped and formed into confidence and skills! Caroline has been taking a cheap-o class at the local rec center for a year and a half and her enthusiasm is beginning to bear fruit!
She rocks at back walkovers!
Has just recently become more confident and adventurous in her gymnastics jumps off the vault! About 75% of the time she does a "helicopter jump" and manages to land on her feet!

She swings around like a monkey on the bars
and touches her toes to the bar like a pro.
She's added a spring to her forward somersault.
Her form on the beam is improving
 She still insists on holding her teacher's hand, but races out in front of her anyway! Her teacher keeps telling Caroline that she can do it without assistance, but that will have to be our next accomplishment because right now she refuses to let go!
She is pretty excited about her beginning cart wheel
 and finishes it proudly!
Of course there is plenty of trampoline and running 
  and leaping!
Sometimes I still see this incredulous timid face, but most of the time she is gung ho about anything!
Check out her forward flip on the bars unassisted... and the awesome celebratory dance afterwards!
I'm proud of her for sticking with it and making such progress. It is exciting as a parent to see your child's self awareness and blossoming confidence. When it comes to gymnastics, she hardly ever says "I can't". It is a huge reward for ME to see her so self-assured!