Friday, June 22, 2012


We didn't die. or go private. We just have been busy.

We moved. I don't think any explanation is needed for why that would keep us busy.

We took a 3 week trip to Idaho. Eric built a fish gate and Caroline still bites.

We (aka Eric) graduated from Medical School. The Allans came for the event. All the pomp and circumstance (and new house) create things to do.

We hosted friends from one location or another also transitioning their families.

We (aka Eric) started intern year at Riverside.

We have finished many, many projects around the house, including painting the shutters, building food storage shelves, shoe bench for the kiddos, desks, bookshelves, tv stands, and compost bins, hanging curtains, putting together shelves, planting vegetables, flowers, and edibles (including my first rhubarb!!! Sooooo excited!!! Hope I can keep it alive!)

We are settled, about 3/4 unpacked, including all the important things but minus 5 or 6 boxes in the garage that have unsorted stuff from EVERY room in the house (you know, those last ones that don't get packed up with any rhyme or reason and take about 30 piles each to organize the contents?)

We are walking... including Caroline, sort of.

and now, technically, I've got the time to blog about the almost 2 months of FULLNESS that we have enjoyed.... and I can't find my camera-computer cable to download the pictures I've taken through it all. Wouldn't you know.

I imagine when I find it, I'll just post a few highlights. Otherwise this would be the catch up post of the century! :P

wish me luck finding it. Who knows where....