Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well, I'm more than a little pleased to announce that I just turned in my not-too-shabby-hopefully-an-A paper AND I finished up this cute little gal:

So now I've just got to finish up the cake pops and other treats and put together the goody bags tomorrow. No prob. We're pretty much ready to party on Saturday and I don't even need to stress about it!!! :)
ps. Admit it. You love the cake and want one too. Don't you just LOVE the edible pearl nails? I think my critter-loving-pink-crazy-almost-4-year-old is going to like her!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Eats

We got festive with the edibles this year. Something special for snacks or meals each night the week of Halloween. My personal favorites:

Mummy pizza
 Spider pizza
fyi, the dough for this pizza was the best I've ever made from scratch. Maybe that's because I didn't go healthy and use any wheat flour, or maybe I finally just landed the best pizza crust ever. Who knows. We'll see if it maintains that nice fluffy texture when I add in wheat flour next time. But it was awesome. 

 And skeleton cookies
 Just so you know, these are chocolate sugar cookies with orange extract and cinnamon to spice em up... and they were KILLER! I got the recipe here, but decided I didn't want to use royal icing to decorate because it doesn't taste so awesome. So I used glace instead with fondant bows/hearts. Trickier, and my skeletons are runnier to prove it, but I love them anyway. Especially this cock-eyed one:
So much personality!

Halloween Costumes

Caroline's Peacock costume: 
I LOVED how the bustle tutu wiggled from side to side when she ran around. 

Gwen's Rapunzel costume:
After reading this advice from an amazing crafting/sewing friend, I had Gwen help me make her yarn braid. 

Getting a picture of them together was... problematic. 
Gwen melted down every time I put her next to Caroline.
 And Caroline thought it was hilarious to torture Gwen by grabbing at her sleeves or skirt every chance she got. In other words, as soon as I got a weeping Gwen within Caroline's reach, Gwen's worst fears were confirmed by grasping fingers. 
 I managed to get this one, though the smile on Gwen's face is probably fake. 
Ah, siblings. When are they going to become pals for real?
Well, there you have it. 2012 Rapunzel and Peacock survived the cold & wet trick-or-treating experience this year!