Thursday, May 3, 2012


We closed on our house yesterday! Today I resumed packing some more since I'm carless today and have plenty of time to devote to the task. I don't enjoy the clutter that inevitably accompanies packing up EVERYTHING you own, but I have to admit: 

I love the process of sorting, 
choosing what to keep and what to donate,
fitting everything like puzzles in boxes with 'like' contents,
 and watching these stacks and stacks
and even more endless stacks of boxes piling up. 

Something about it just soothes the lil ocd voice in me. Anyone else feel the same way? kinda funny that this would be kind of therapeutic. It has been a HUGE blessing to take our time this way since we are just moving across town rather than across the country. 

Only a few more days and we'll start taking them to OUR new home! Looking something like this:
lol, j/k. We're borrowing our realtor's moving truck. Free, just pay gas. Couldn't ask for a better deal. :)