Friday, September 5, 2008

Nesting: Making a Nest?

According to my Korean dictionary, nesting is building a nest. Mostly using feathers. But a second meaning of 'to nest' is 'to dwell' and I suppose that is what I'm doing. Creating a dwelling for our lil baby. I ought to show you pictures of the room in progress, but honestly, I'm so embarassed by its current state that I don't dare. Shout out here to my dear Father-in-law, Papa Allan, because I think Mama Allan (hi! *waving*) might compare the current state of things to his trophy room. You know how birds collect all kinds of trash for putting in their nests? String, discarded candy wrappers, shiny gum foils, etc? I promise I'm trying to prevent this nest from looking quite THAT eclectic... but it is taking some time. Right now I'm working on refinishing a 3 dollar baby bookshelf that I collected from a garage sale last year as well as a particle board 3 drawer 'thing' that I pulled out of the dumpster pile right outside our front door (perfect size for lil baby socks and onesies!). Hopefully I'll finish both of these today so that I can have a place to put the baby items we're receiving and get them OUT of the boxes taking up space on the floor. Then the crib needs to be assembled (we got it off of Craigslist-- it is lovely!).

After that we get into the 'fun' things that I'd like to do just to make the room soft and cute. The plan is to sew a cute baby bumper for the crib (adorable pattern... you guys just WAIT!) and a matching valance for the window. We don't have any window treatments right now, so I'm planning on taking care of that. I'd like to have a cute shelf/valance rod combo piece that I can paint to match the bookshelf and other furniture that could also be functional storage space for lil stuffed animals or knick knacks. Then some cream curtains and the valance will tie everything together. We are debating painting one wall a nice green... but haven't decided yet because it would have to be mostly Eric's project and he is so busy with school. We still need to get a changing table... but I've heard that you don't REALLY need one and can just change the baby on a pad on the floor. Any opinions here? Since I've never been there, obviously, I'd sure benefit from your experiences. Either way, I'm keeping my eye on Craigslist things... just in case!

And then, of course, after I get the fun projects all taken care of in the baby's room, there are projects like cleaning out the laundry chute that we are currently using as pantry storage, cleaning out the bathroom closet to make room for baby bathing supplies, reorganizing the closets in her room so that they accommodate more than just my arts/crafts, our holiday storage, and our outdoors/sports paraphenelia... so much preparation for our lil nestling! Good thing I'm officially finished with full time work, eh? Pictures of the FINISHED PROJECTS soon to be forthcoming! (fingers crossed on the 'soon' part).


  1. Hooray for nesting! I didn't actually have a "nesting" phase until after the baby came. In fact I didn't put the bumpers on her crib until this week! As far as getting a changing table or not, you can do it either way. We use a changing pad on the floor simply because we don't have room for a changing table, but I like it because if I need to wash my hands after changing a poopy diaper, I don't feel bad leaving her there for a sec--I can see her from the bathroom and if she rolls over (which she can't do just yet), she won't fall anywhere. Some people say it can hurt your back to lean over and change their diapers all the time, but we haven't found that to be an issue. You might have to practice standing up holding a baby from sitting on the floor though--it can be tricky at first. I hope your nursery turns out great.

  2. Ah, that nesting instinct is kicking in! I guess really, that room could be called a "trophy room" couldn't it? She's kind of a trophy, isn't she? :)

  3. You know, I LOVED the nesting time. I just always felt so productive. It is funny to me how much stuff can be done. I am so happy for you guys. The room sounds super cute. I can't wait to see it. As far as the changing table goes, it was nice to have it for the first little while but then after a couple of months you just end up changing them on the couch or the floor. I just put a pad on the dresser and called it good. I loved that after they are out of the changing table stage I can just take the pad off and put all kinds of knick-nacks up there. Just an idea.

    Can't wait to see the upcoming pictures!!!