Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How Much Would You Pay, No REALLY?

Guys, I need your help. All of you. Even those of you who rarely comment, please do this time. I'm starting up my Etsy shop and would like to get an idea of what people will REALLY pay for my artwork before I price it. I need to make some money and would love to pull a profit, but for starters, I'd like to see things sell. I realize many or most of you aren't exactly rolling in the dough, but that is precisely why I need your input. I want to know what kind of price tag the general public-- from many different stages in life-- would be willing to dish out the greenbacks for.

This is the first of 2 such 'survey' posts. I'm focusing on the 2-D stuff (drawings, paintings, prints, etc) here and will do 3-D sculptures, stained glass, and hand-sewn books in a future post. Some of these things I'm not actually going to be putting up for sale because they adorn my house, but I would like to know what they are worth for future projects before I invest time to create similar things. Please, please, PLEASE leave me your thoughts in the comments! Which ones/styles do you like? How much would you pay?

These watercolors of people range in sizes. i could do anything from 3x3 to...HUGE!

pencil drawings 11x15 each

onions 12x12 oil on canvas covered masonite

these are all kinds of other mediums: computer, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, etc.

these observations are many different sizes. The water glasses are 4x4, "God's Grandeur" is about 9x7, paper is 10x12, sheet is 6x8, lamp is 6x6. All pencil on paper.

this series are individual 5x7 pen and watercolor paintings.

11x15 (peppers and mixed produce) and 11x6 (drink) watercolor

This is about 15x22 pencil on paper

Limited Edition Original Print "Dance Anyway" Intaglio 11x15

these acrylic paintings are from HS. about 8x11 each.

These 3 pencil drawings are each 15x22 inches.

This pencil drawing is 22x44. I could do individuals too.

each one of these watercolor paintings is 11x15


  1. Eek. I really have no idea how much stuff like this goes for and I'm uber cheap, so my "suggested" prices may be ridiculously low, but let's suppose that you plan $15 per hour that each piece took you to create, plus $10 for materials for each piece. What would that be? Obviously some would be more expensive than others. My favs are the watercolors of people, especially the woman praying in the field. I would love that for a kitchen space or whatever. Anyway, I would probably be willing to pay 50-75 dollars for it. Is that about what the price would be using the previously mentioned method? I have no idea how long each of these takes you to make. Hope that helps.

    BTW Can I just mention that I had NO idea how amazingly talented and artistic you are. Good job!

  2. What?? I had no idea you were an artist! Like a REAL artist. These are amazing. I love the first series and the last series, personally. The ethnic girl with the short brown hair on the bottom row of the first one is my fave and I love the scenic stuff, too, it reminds me of southern Utah (where I lived after I left byu sophomore year).
    Honestly, I'm not a good person to judge pricing off of, really. I see beautiful artwork like this and automatically think "out of reach." I probably couldn't ever spend more than $20 on something to hang on my wall, but you should charge much, much more.

  3. My favorites are "God's Granduer" and the last series with the pics that look like southern utah - very pretty! You are VERY talented Elisa. Obviously I'm like everyone else - I probably wouldn't spend more than $25-$50 on artwork, just because I don't quite have the money for it, but your art work I think you could ask much more than that.

    I'm not sure how you get into this, but here in Columbus about every 6 months there is a 'starving artist's art sale' at vet's memorial and ft. rapids water resort. I think they just had one not too long ago so you may have to wait, but I know MANY people go to that looking for art, and the sale does all the advertizing. Just someting to research for you - it may be a great way to get your artwork out there to begin with.

    Also, there is a woman in my ward who is a photographer, but she also displays local artwork in a galery in her studio - you may want to get in contact with her. I don't know her e-mail, but her website is and her name is Liz. She is located in Newark.

    Good luck! You are amazingly talented!!!

  4. I agree, I think that you should display them in a gallery or some type of show. Etsy is a good idea as well, but you are probably looking at lower selling prices there.

    The thing is - it's YOUR artwork and you know how much time, effort, and love was put into each piece of art. So, yes, ultimately, you set the price. But the thing is, if art really touches someone - they are going to be willing to pay for it. I've been there before. Sometimes a piece just says "I'm yours", you know? If there is one thing I have learned, art is negotiable - it depends on demand! So I wouldn't necessary set a price; or set it higher and work from there. I know that if I had the money, I would pay a few hundred dollars each for a couple of them! I LOVE the watercolors! You have such a neat style - so original. I would love for you to paint an original for me - I'll let you know of what later on!!!

    Have you checked out any of the art galleries on high street? I know that the majority of them are collections by local artists. Maybe you could get in there!

    Anyway, you are so talented. I hope that someday I can learn from you. Hopefully after this summer!!!

  5. Wow I didn't know you were an artist! Your work is amazing!!! Unfortunately artwork is the last thing I can thing about buying with our current budget. Which I'm sure a lot of your friends are in the same boat. But someday I can't wait to decorate my house with amazing art.

    I really like modern artwork. But I think my favorite of the things you have pictured here are the last ones. Those landscapes are gorgeous!

    Its really hard to put a price on things you make yourself. I struggle with this when people want to buy my sewing things. Part of me wants to give everything away. Which is really bad cause it does cost me money and most of all TIME!!!! and I always have a hard time factoring TIME into the price. Good Luck with everything! I'm sorry I'm not much help but I was really happy to see your artwork.

  6. I have to agree with most comments, chicadee, I have NO idea what art goes for. and I'm poor. My favorites are the pencil drawings toward the end (the ten virgins), the water colors of the nature scenes, and the one picture of the mom feeding the baby: I like the perspective of that a lot. I would probably be willing to spend 20-25, but if it's something personal that means something to me (as opposed to just something to put on my wall) I might pay up to $50.

    Good luck! you're so talented!! I hope you find some people who are less stingy than I am!

  7. Elisa, how did I not know you could do this? These are so nice. I really have no idea whatsoever to tell you on prices. but I wanted to say.. WOW!

  8. Justin wants me to amend my comment a bit. For an undiscovered artist, he'd say $200-400 depending on the size of the piece. He apparently is a lot more informed about art than I am.

    Again, good luck!

  9. The price depends on the size of the piece, the medium, the detail, if it's on paper or canvas, and how much you think it's worth! Your art reminds me of something you'd see at Kirklands or the fancy stuff at Bed, Bath and Beyond (it sounds cheap but have you seen their framed wall art?!). I would set your prices high at first and see if anything sells--you can always lower the price later!

    I agree with Shannon that the woman praying in the field is one of my favorites. And like others have said, I had no idea you were an artist, though I am not at all surprised since you are so talented in everything! I don't have much money either, but if I see something nice that I like, I'll buy it and store it for my future house. I already have some nice framed artwork just hanging out in my closet.

  10. I have no clue how to price these...they are amazing! Think long and hard about the effort and energy put into these before you part with them for pennies. ;)

    I adore the one of the woman kneeling in the field...simply perfect.