Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bad and The Good

Bad News: The distance from one end of the Chicago airport to the other is long when you're carrying a getting-heavy baby in your arms.
Good News: I'm buff. We made it. ;)

Bad News: Gwen had a 4-direction blowout ON the plane ride from Chicago to Tulsa (out both legs, front, and back!)
Good News: the kind gentleman in the seat next to me said he wanted to stretch his legs... and let me change her in his seat.

Bad News: The rest of the plane hated me because Gwen was so fussy, stinky, and poopy all over.
Good News: I'll probably never see any of them ever again.

Bad News: My parents were sick when I got there.
Good News: I got to relax and watch HGTV, History channel, and food network... something I really enjoyed since we don't have a tv in Ohio!

Bad News: I attended an excruciating workout that left my muscles absolutely UNRESPONSIVE for 2 days. I'm not kidding, I couldn't sit, stand, kneel, or lift my legs to put on my socks without assistance!
Good News: What a great work out! and my folks let me soak in their jacuzzi.

Bad News: Gwen and I got really sick too: fever, sinus infection, ear infection, and lost voice.
Good News: I was still able to go to the Saturday luncheon musical production of the Ten Virgins in which my sister was singing, see my bff Jennie and her baby, and enjoy the gorgeous 80 degree weather.

Bad News: None of my friends except my dear best friend Jennie ever contacted me to get together.
Good News: I didn't have to try to look presentable in something other than pjs or act energetic in my sickie state.

Bad News: Visiting the doctor on vacation always stinks.
Good News: I got a prescription for some antibiotics that are sure to help me feel better! Plus we have great insurance that had only a 35 dollar copay for appointment and drugs!

Bad News: 35 dollar copay wasn't in the budget for the trip.
Good News: My mom generously covered the tab.

Bad News: apparently antihistamines and decongestants also dry up breast milk...
Good News: We caught it in time to prevent SERIOUS trouble! and thank you Tamara for letting me borrow your excellent pump!

Bad News: Since Gwen was sick, she was very needy and I didn't have the energy to take care of her.
Good News: Grandma, Grandpa, and an umbrella stroller. Nuf said.

Bad News: Gwen's photos for her 4 month mark can't upload from my mom's camera to her computer because it is so outdated.
Good News: My mom took THE cutest picture of Gwen EVER and I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Bad News: I was sick for our family Sushi party at my sister's house.
Good News: I didn't have to "contaminate" any food or utensils by contributing my hand to chopping veggies... and just got to enjoy all the deliciousness!

Bad News: Flight delayed out of Tulsa put us in Chicago late and we had to cross the entire airport to make our next flight...
Good News: The umbrella stroller made running with Gwen and carry on bag a piece of cake. I was sweaty, but we made it.

Bad News: Gwen peed in her outfit and I only had a onesie to changer her into so her legs were exposed through the entire return trip.
Good News: Everybody still thought she was adorable, I had a nice warm blanket to wrap her legs in, and she was beautifully compliant on both flights thanks to baby tylenol!

Bad News: Gwen misses Grandma and Grandpa already!
Good News: We finally got to see Daddy/Eric again!... and we're already trying to find time for another trip!


  1. Wow. I am so impressed that you found something good in each of those situations. Sounds like an overall great trip. It's always nice to just be home and have a little of the responsibility disappear. Enjoy settling back in and getting better!

  2. Oh, man, Elisa. We ALWAYS get sick when we go to my parents'! I don't know why! The last time we were there, we went to the urgent care three days in a row and spent probably $100 on three different antibiotics for me and him.

    Oh and for some reason planes = poop.

    This is why I don't take "vacations" as a mom. I go on "trips."

    Glad you all survived! Aren't grandparents wonderful--and worth it?!!

  3. Sounds like a crazy trip! Changing babies on planes is insane. It's always good to see your mom & dad though!

  4. Traveling is always interesting! I love how you make the best of any situation!

  5. Sorry that you don't feel well. I missed not seeing you at book club yesterday...I am happy though we decided to do it next month with the other book so we can still talk about it.
    Get better soon and thanks for being such a sweetie

  6. Elisa!! I didn't even know about your blog until you posted that comment on mine. I loved your good/bad news story of your trip home. I'm guessing it was Jennie Smith/Hubbard that you saw. That's awesome. It' makes me think of the times we spent together way back in the day. What are ya'll up to in Ohio? I'm so glad that you got to go home. I LOVE being able to go home. too bad we live across the country and plane tickets are expensive. I love it here in Seattle though. How old is your little girl? I'm glad to hear that you're doing well and that you made the trip to and from Arkansas (despite blowouts). I laughed pretty hard when I read that by the way.