Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Antics: Gwen, Water, and Bunny Fountains

A couple of weeks ago Gwen got to experience her first swim. I only got one photo, actually AFTER the water, but despite how tired she looks she really had a great time finding the one and only leaf in the entire pool. I decided we'd better document Gwen's growing love of water activities!

Ballantrae Park, otherwise known as the "bunny park" or "bunny fountains" because of this huge sculpture (made out of recycled car parts, interestingly enough), was a blast! We loved hanging out with Erika and J, Holly and H, Alicia and D, Amber and S, and Maria. Well, Gwen didn't really care about the moms, let's be honest, but she LOVED the babies!
The water, now, that was interesting. She couldn't decide how she felt about it sometimes. She LOVED splashing the streams that squirted up (showing off her recently honed slapping and waving abilities). But she HATED it if the water splashed her. Can you see her flinch in the top right shot of the collage? The water surprised her that time. As long as she got to control when and how she got wet, she was happy and coming back for more! The bottom left photo captures her anticipation as she waits for another squirt of water to come up so she can slap it back down.
I'd say she is getting accustomed to summer water fun!


  1. I'm glad you went to the Bunny Fountains!! That is definitely a fun place for the kids. I bet you really enjoyed Gwen's reactions! I hope we'll get the chance to go before the summer's over! We're planning on being in Columbus mid-August, so we should have plenty of time!

  2. Oh how I miss the bunny fountains!!! :( I'm glad you guys had fun - Gwen is adorable.

  3. This looks like a really fun place!!

  4. What a fun little park! It just reminded me that there is a big Noah's Ark fountain that I have been meaning to take the kids to. I will have to schedule that in this week. Anyway, Gwen is such a cutie. I love seeing how babies interact with water. Some love it, some hate it, and some are iffy about the whole thing. Glad to see that Gwen didn't hate it. :)

  5. Hey Elisa. I edit my pictures on You can pay to use the upgraded version but I just use whatever is free :) Good luck.