Sunday, November 14, 2010

Disney---the "happiest" place on earth...

...or in Gwen's case, among the SCARIEST places on earth! She didn't like Disney World even a smidgen as much as I had anticipated. She developed an obscene fear of dark, enclosed spaces and freaked out about EVERY ride, line, bus, store, whatEVER that required her to not be outside. But, she LOVED her cousins and other family members even MORE than I could have imagined! Just a few pics from the trip. The rest are pending receipt from family members (wouldn't you know my camera had issues after the 2nd day) and may never make it to the blog. So enjoy what is here!

funny story: can you read that one of those buttons says "celebrating Twins"? Yeah... what began as keeping my dad in the dark about my sister's pregnancy turned into my bro and half my brother's coworkers thinking I was really expecting twins. I wore the button all day. :)

Much more interesting from a distance. Gwen would point, squirm out of her stroller, run screaming up to them... then stop about 2 yards away and give this evil villain laugh! Hilarious!

Great trip, guys! Thanks Tamara for the amazing (and FUN!) accommodations, thanks Mommy and Daddy for help with food, and thanks Spencer for those amazing daily park admissions and great merchandise discounts! The trip wouldn't have happened at all without so much generosity!

We love you guys!


  1. HOW FUN!!! I'm so glad you had a great time - even with Gwen's split personalities. :) Those silly kids ... Love all the pictures!!

  2. Having Disney connections is the only way to go. Bummer that Gwen wasn't so much into the rides and characters. Maybe she will like it more in a couple years. :) Love the twins button too. You're a good sport. Looks like you had a fun family vacation!

  3. Awwwww...those terrifying princesses!