Thursday, February 17, 2011


We watched the lil boy of some friends of ours last week while they went out. He's not quite old enough for Gwen to think of him as a peer, he is not young enough for her to think he is a cute baby, and he is old enough to want to play with her toys. I think she doesn't know quite what to think of him. And that translates into not wanting to share with him most of the time and resorting to bossing him around. I know oldest children in general are plagued with the "bossy" gene, but I try my hardest to stop the habit before it gets worse. So this day that he was over, they were sitting at the kitchen table together eating lunch.

Gwen proceeds to scold him in her bossy voice with furrowed brows and pouty mouth: "no-no, Josiah, no-no".
Me: "Gwen, he's not hurting you. He's not going to take your food. He's not even touching you."
Gwen (meeting my gaze without hesitation): "He looking me."

LOL, what could I say to that? I just had to laugh! So it begins! (Mom, she's touching me, she's reading my book over my shoulder, she's breathing my air!) Seriously, where do kids learn these things?

Oh, and thanks for all the suggestions on the undressing thing. Right now we're having success with a safety pin. Hopefully it will take her at least a month to figure out how to open one. :)


  1. It sounds like having him over there is good practice for her becoming a big sister! :o)