Monday, October 1, 2012


Our family has made it a tradition to go pick apples at the beginning of fall. Ohio is excellent apple country, and there are TONS of varieties available for picking that you don't normally find in stores. We like to 'explore' I guess, and the past three years we have tried a different variety each time for our applesauce. This year's choice was Cortland, a mostly sweet apple with a tiny bit of tart. The pristine crispy white flesh made for awesome fresh eating! And eat we did. This was the first year they told us the policy is they don't charge for what you eat. He actually told us as he handed us the bags, "so eat your breakfast out there!" We were pretty happy about that  because keeping the kiddos OUT of the produce in the past has made it less enjoyable for them, I think. This year, they LOVED it! All the "a-poe"s little Caroline could possibly bite! (and she bit quite a few!) Now every round object that she can't identify with a word/sign she knows is an a-poe, including tomatoes, plums, and pumpkins.
There was apple eating
 and apple picking
 apple eating
 and apple color examining
 much running with apples to create mostly blurry photos... :)
 examining of ants all over the fallen apples
 peek-a-boo amongst apple leaves
 I think she was a Thundercat, most likely Cheetarah. 
 Repeated attempts at "escaping", but at least she just ran down these long rows of trees and we could still see her.
 and of course there was posing with apples.
We really had a splendid time, the weather was perfect, and our apples were/are delicious!
 We ended up with 18 quarts of applesauce,
partially consumed apples hiding in every room of the house (thanks, Caroline),
and memories of a great time!


  1. One of my favorite memories of OH is the great apples! Honey Crisp were my favorite. I'm so sad that here in WI there is no picking this year due to a bad frost-maybe next year.
    Cute girls!

  2. That is the best tradition! Kris's parents are in the depths of despair about the lack of apples in Idaho (after moving from Ohio). Eden is also a big fan of taking a bite out of every piece of fruit she can get her hands on, never finishing any of them. Ha, little kids!

  3. This post made me so happy! And made me want to go pick some apples . . .

  4. oh man! We need to find our own little spot to go apple picking here! This makes me miss Ohio a ton - especially seeing how big your girls are getting! Love you all!

  5. Wow that looks like a lot of fun! yummy and so cute! what's your method of making apple sauce?