Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October Festivities

Well, as promised, I'm updating. October went by in a blur. I'm not even documenting the family trip out to Idaho (because family who would really like to look at pictures... already HAVE those pictures! :)), but we did that too! So a brief look at a full month, in pictures. Ready, go!
carving pumpkins
 Caroline preferred to mummify herself in the curtain rather than participate in the carving
 Our awesome shrunken heads! Really easy and fun to make. Gwen reminded Caroline daily that they needed to check on their little heads. She insisted that hers was always cute, never scary, even when old and wrinkly. 
 We (okay, I) really enjoy themed food, on a simple level. Those crazy Bento box moms put me to complete and utter shame, but I do enjoy easy fun snacks. Every day Gwen and Caroline got to choose a shape for their lunch sandwich. I thought is was fun and not time-consuming to use my seasonal and holiday cookie cutters to oblige their little dreams. I just love holidays and themes!
  Gwen loved banana ghosts and requested them pretty much every day! Caroline liked the jack-o-lantern mandarin oranges best. Both girls liked the cheese ghosts with faced drawn on them in edible food-writer ink. Gotta love fun snacks!

 Gwen lost her first tooth (the dentist says she has 3 more loose ones-- ahead of average) and the tooth fairy brought her a Brazilian coin!

 Pumpkin Festival (or Show, if you prefer the "official" title of the event) in Circleville is a yearly tradition. This year the gals had a great time and I was glad we got there early to beat the crowds! 
Posing in front of the world's largest pumpkin pie.
 last year's gignormous pumpkins were bigger, but the girls didn't care. They definitely liked the "big...big...big...BIG pum-kins!" (how Caroline said it)
 And we went with a friend who treated us to a petting zoo extravaganza! The lighting was bad under there, so most of my pics didn't turn out. But it was pretty awesome to get to pet camels, kangaroos, emus, etc. Thanks Kasia!
and of course, the to-die-for pumpkin donuts! This year we got the sugar sprinkled mini kind instead of the larger glazed ones. I think I prefer these! A-maz-ing. And the line to get them was ridiculous, so I know I wasn't the only one who thought so!

Gwen's preschool had a field trip to a local farm. We went along. Caroline was NOT keen on the 'educational' or even the 'social' part. This is her reaction when a friend got to close to her. :)
 So we ended up heading out on our own while Gwen enjoyed the time with her class. 
 playing in the corn box...and why does it always have to go on her head?
 and then the hay bale maze with the awesome slides and secret tunnels...
 Gwen's class joined us and I got some pics of her... at which point Caroline disappeared into the maze and craziness ensued bc she thought it was fun playing hide and seek. That girl needs a homing beacon. As soon as I successfully tracked her down, we headed home to take naps. 

While the weather was still nice, we enjoyed doing garden harvesting and looking for bugs. I love it when I find some cool ones! the day of these pics was particularly fruitful, as we found a very pregnant preying mantis (which Gwen promptly dubbed "Gwen"... until I suggested we pick a more fitting name. Then she chose "Mantia") and 3 very fat and fuzzy caterpillars!
 I told them we couldn't pet Mantia. So we just watched her. 

Caroline is singing and signing "Caterpillar Dreams" from Signing Time... see the little guy climbing up her sleeve on her right arm?
 Gwen loved the way they tickled on her hands!
 The expression on Caroline's face is too cute!

Preschool Halloween Costume Parade
Gwen's school has an annual costume parade so parents can take pics and kids can show off their costumes. 
 Gwen loved another opportunity to wear her shark costume. I don't think she even noticed that all the other girls were dressed up in fancy dresses as princesses. That's my girl! :)

 Caroline got to participate. This is her "cheese" face. :)
She insisted on holding the teacher's hand for the parade. You'd think she ran the place. :P

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  1. It's a great collection of photos for the month!