Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Making V-tines and Goodies for Grands, etc

Eric's sister is serving a full time mission right now. She has a special relationship with both our girls (being young and fun has that effect upon kids!)
and when I told them we were going to make her a special treat for a care package, both girls EAGERLY volunteered their hands. It just so happens that this was a pajama day (to celebrate 100 days of school), so that is why they are both not dressed in regular clothing. :)
 Gwen was in charge of dipping the pretzels into the chocolate and she took her job VERY seriously, perseverating over each one (was that enough chocolate? Should she dip it in farther? Did she shake that one off too much or not enough?) before triumphantly placing it on the waxed paper where Caroline could reach it.
Caroline tired of waiting for Gwen sometimes, so I gave her a pile of pretzels to mess with (I actually over-melted the first batch of chocolate. No good for dipping and therefore no good for giving away, but perfect for spreading on our own family's pretzels. That was Caroline's other job.)

Caroline's first task was adding sprinkles to Gwen's dipped chocolates. My FAVORITE are those sprinkle-crazy ones... have some pretzel with your sprinkles, right? :)

They got to sample a few and gave their approval. 

We also made "hugs" using their handprints and yarn measured to their armspans. That was fun!


  1. There's a lot of demand for sprinkle technicians in today's economy.

  2. hahah I love the sprinkled pretzels, too!