Monday, April 27, 2015

Family Lip Sync

Our ward (church congregation) hosted a fun lip sync party!

We rocked out to "Final Countdown" by Europe!
We LOVED getting decked out for the occasion: bright eye shadow, silver face sparkles, huge gold jewelry, crazy zebra shorts, huge puffy hair, lots of sequins and tons of hairspray! Gwen even had crimped hair! I scored on our attire from Goodwill. Eric's wig was almost as epic as his mop twirling skills. Our kids were so excited--- Gwen asked every day to practice our "rock out song" and even Caroline was "SO es-size-ick, mom!"
Only Emmett was less than enthused. He wasn't on stage with us, maybe that was the problem. He wanted in in the action! 

What I learned from this experience? I inherited a total lack of 'shame' on stage (thank you to my mom and dad who are both hams) and apparently, so did my children who suffered from NO stage fright whatsoever! I also learned that I'm married to a man who is comfortable with himself and not afraid to rock a crazy wig and tight white jacket! 

In other words... 

I'm part of a crazy family AND I LOVE IT!!!!


  1. It was pretty fun. Maybe we better slow things down a bit next year. Maybe a gregorian chant or something.

    1. I love that idea! a little Monty Python pizza box action? :)

  2. I thought you guys were outrageous! I loved it! Yup, you come by those 'stage' genes naturally, and I'm glad to see the grand kids have inherited them too! Eric, you are the perfect man for Elisa! Love you all!

    1. yes! thank you Mama for imparting your performance genes to Eric! I love that he is right with me on the stage! :)