Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Exploring

Spring is upon us (finally!) and we are loving the color and outdoor exploration!
flower-themed ABC practice
flower pattern-making
little daffodils (these were made at book club--- all the kids wanted to use these mini cupcake liners because they were so cute, though the flower size would look better with regular sized liners)
Gwen has been enjoying our rainbow of flowers
Caroline is loving running around outside and looking at the dirt in the sidewalks
trees need to be smacked by sticks. It is a right of childhood passage, I think. 
We had a week themed around rain and rainbows. I happened to have found these rainbow water beads on clearance (SCORE!!!) and pulled em out to do a little 'science' activity. See how small they start out? This is awesome...
Caroline and I talked about what she thought was going to happen and defined that as a 'hypothesis'. 
She was pretty excited to see them growing bigger only 20 minutes later. 
After 2 hours, they were huge! and they have this AMAZING tactile feel that just demanded exploration. Lots of squishing and sorting ensued. 

They tried to sort out which colors grew the largest and which ones remained the smallest. 
Moving the beads from one receptacle to another was just pure joy. I couldn't believe that these 15 cent things could keep my kiddos entertained for OVER AN HOUR!!!! Now THAT is a fabulous kid activity! :)

ps. you know what else is cool? They shrink back down as the water evaporates! 


  1. Also a word to the wise--if you leave them in water on the counter for a week, they start to get sort of smelly...