Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kiddo Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day was more like Valentine's WEEKS around here. The kids made some new decorations for us to enjoy. 
and worked hard on their valentines for Grandparents. They LOVED making these bugs! And can you see that Gwen made origami hearts?
Making our valentines for classmates was fun and not TOO laborious, since there was a free printable (here), but it definitely required adult assistance. 
Caroline dutifully signed her name on the back of each one!
 Daddy tied the strings. Gwen was all over her list of names and chose a bubble color for each friend. 
 Okay, now who can tell me the difference between the above photo and the below photo?...
  If your answer was the tearful face in the background, you can see this was not a quiet activity of contentment all around.
 Now ask this boy why he is sad. 
 "I blow these red bubbles... please?"
 "Emmett's red bubbles." 
(intentionally not a question mark)
 distraction and placation: raspberries. 
 All in his mouth at the same time. Chipmunk cheeks! :)
 For the past couple weeks I have been baking lots of treats. Fun pink deliciousness! Sometimes I have helpers, but usually I bake while Gwen is at school. She is always very happy to help as my assistant chef when the confectioning occurs on the weekends!
 These pink oreo cheesecake cookies (recipe here) were a hit! The girls' favorite part? No eggs in the batter means more pre-baking sampling! lol
Enjoying the fruits of our labors. 
Cupid's Crazy Cafe was a huge hit again this year! All the free printables and blank menus here. I'm told this kind of mixed up dinner is more commonly done on April Fools. Yes, I'd say that makes sense! But we sure enjoy doing it for V-tines! They write down numbers on their menu without knowing the corresponding food item. 

 Each one of the kids (even Emmett!) helped me make a few heart-shaped chicken nuggets. Recipe here. And they were actually WAY easier than I would have thought! Not as convenient as frozen dino-nuggets, but considering how really healthy and delicious they were (JUST chicken breast, eggs, and bread crumbs!), and how well they went over on the kids, definitely a keeper recipe!
 Items from our line-up of potential foods were mostly healthy. That way I don't feel bad if they eat out of order. Heart cucumbers, heart tomatoes, heart nuggets... seeing a theme here?
The cinnamon roll was the exception. Gwen and Emmett both got that on their first course. I knew Gwen would eat everything no matter what, but I was concerned the sweet roll would throw off Emmett's food consumption. I needn't have worried. He didn't even eat it. I ended up eating it. He just wanted more strawberries!

and yes, on Valentine's Day I let them bring a 'friend' to the table to share the love. Emmett chose to bring his letters. Well, as many of them as I would let him put in front of him. I said 'no' to the whole alphabet. Sorry, bud. Did that break your heart? You'll get over it. 

We got a crazy visit from Cupid, of course... funny thing is Daddy happened to be 'outside taking out the trash' (cough cough) when Caroline booked it up the stairs ahead of us and peered out the back door in anticipation of Cupid's next drop. She was surprised that Daddy didn't catch a glimpse... close one! *wink wink*


  1. Fun stuff!!! Can you please text me a couple of your favorite pictures for Valentine's Day post on my blog next week?

  2. I love everything you're doing with that sweet family of yours! Making great memories and traditions! I remember having some creative 'making our own Valentine's sessions' when you were young!