Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacation Adventures and Pics of Gwen

we're back!

First we went to Idaho where Gwen got to meet Grandpa Allan, Uncle E, Aunt J, Uncle C, Uncle B, Aunt E, and cousin E.

Then we had a marvelous Christmas Eve where Gwen got to be the newborn 'child' wrapped in a swaddling 'lady bug blanket' lying in a 'bouncy chair'. Christmas morning she looked adorable too!

During this time her collic also peaked and we were grateful to have so many helping hands eager to hold the crying baby.
We then went down and spent several days in Utah visiting family. Gwen got to meet her Grandpa Hart and Uncle S, Aunt A, and Uncle J at her beautiful baby blessing in Mapleton in her Great Grandpa's ward. Then Monday Eric and the guys had a record pheasant hunt (70 birds. I'm not exaggerating.) while Gwen and I spent the day chilling at my lil sis's apartment with grandma and grandpa... some great pics forthcoming if I can get my mom to email them to me! We were sad to return to Idaho on Tuesday, but excited to embark on the cabin adventure for New Years. And it WAS an adventure... getting the snowmobiles caught in a blizzard during the drive in was definitely a once in a life time adventurous way to spend New Year's Eve! There aren't any pictures because all cameras were safely tucked away from the elements, but
for full details on the adventure, visit Mama Allan's website here:

I'll add that Gwen and I were safe and warm inside the Rhino, but her bottles were chilly and she wouldn't take them... so we spent the last 3 hours with a very hungry, tired, and unhappy baby bawling in my ears. I was also worried about Eric since he had been gone for hours and there was no way I'd ever know if he and Papa Allan had encountered any difficulties. I had visions of snowmobile accidents, injuries, and all of us stranded on a mountain hillside in blizzard conditions without food... I'm honestly surprised that I was able to look at the entire experience without any anxiety. I was trying to think positively and it worked!

the cabin was WONDERFUL, just my kind of vacation! I could live there, seriously. During our stay there Gwen really started to open up with her grins and gives them out freely now!

well, we're home now. I'll try to find time to post some pics this week so ya'll can see how much Gwen has grown! (ALL of these were swiped off Mama Allan's blog... isn't she a great photographer?)


  1. It was an adventure, wasn't it? Miss all of you!

  2. Wow. Sounds like a jam packed vacation. Oh my goodness, Gwen is such a beautiful baby! She is seriously SO cute! I'm glad you guys had a nice Christmas and a safe? New Years. :)

  3. Your little girl is beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. Hey Elisa! I have a blog too! Feel free to blog hop on over some time, but it's not much exciting! I don't get a chance to post as much as I'd like to, but I try! I have many posts-in-the-making anyway.

    Little Gwen is such a cutie! I'm impressed you ventured out on vacation with her being so young! You're a strong momma! Hope all is well for you!!