Thursday, September 17, 2009

Projects as promised

Here are the completed pillows. Thank you quilt clubbers for your beautiful squares!with the diagonal corners--tricky, tricky, tricky, that's all I've got to say!
and some beautiful trim-- definitely learned some new techniques for sewing with these guys

Thought you also might enjoy a complete living room before and after shot! :) Sorry this isn't TRULY the before, since it didn't occur to me back in March to take a photo of our previous furniture arrangement. The bookshelf used to be between the desk and the kitchen, and the couch and desk (not pictured) have switched walls. The blue chair was in the corner where the bookshelf is now, the yellow chair closest to the front door, and the media center (also not pictured) was directly under the window where the yellow chair is now. Whew, I like it so much better now! And with the finishing touches of couch covers, curtains, pillows, and a baby Gwen in the corner of the photo (with a trail of "damage" behind her...), what could be more satisfying a transformation? All for the cost of the covers and the curtain materials.


  1. it looks great! Buuuut... only 2 dead animals? Yeesh, Eric needs to get a move-on. hehe.