Friday, August 6, 2010

As Promised, a Post

I have tons of photos. Pretty much the entire summer. With vacations and schoolwork, I've just been unable to fill ya in on what we've been up to. This post takes you through June, but I was too lazy to move the photos once I uploaded them. They are in reverse. Consider it a journey back in time...Proof that I exist. Even though I look kinda scary here at the girls night fondue party we had. So fun, so tasty, so friendly!
The best part is, this photo is totally staged. Can you tell?
2nd time at swimming lessons. Can you see the worry on her face? She HATED it the first 3 times, but now LOVES it! I think she was a) scared of the teacher and b) terrified of the waterfall
Popsicles are fun in addition to yummy
Oh yeah, when it is hot and daddy is desperate because Gwen keeps saying "outside, outside, outside, outside..." over and over again...this calls for creativity.
Swimming is a new favorite activity. I gave up trying to keep her out of the creek. We found a shallow area where the water wasn't flowing and went "swimming"
lots of critters to look at around here...Gwen is eying a crawdad Daddy caught
first fish
First try at fishing
Absolutely thrilled to be at the creek with Daddy. Wasn't it a lovely morning?
Not even scared that the tiger wants to eat her...
Neighbors: Ghada, Achmed, Ala, and Abrahem
Gwen made this shark hat. Can you tell she is in love? Still in her pjs but wants to wear the hat. She wore it so much... until she got curious to see how things were sticking together, and ripped it apart. Curiosity killed the...shark?


  1. What fun! Gwen is growing up so much! I love the look on her face at swimming lessons. I think it always takes kids a few times to get used to the idea of learning to swim. Glad she's more into it now. Also that creek is just gorgeous. Looks like you guys are packing plenty of fun into your busy summer.

  2. I was jut wondering when you'd post again! Looks like Gwen's loving her summer!

  3. I love the photos! She's looking like she's having a fun summer!

  4. too bad I look like a beached whale in those two pictures!! Whew ... but I love all your creek pictures - so much fun!!

  5. Gwen is such a doll! I feel like I know her so well. : ) Her independency is much like our little one. : )

  6. those fishing pics are great! And the cooler swimming pool is hilarious. You'll have to have Eric tell you about Leisel and I and the garbage cans.

  7. ha ha, i love the shark hat. Your little girl is so cute! It looks like you have had a fun summer. Girls fondue party sounds awesome!