Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Part II: Hart Family

Grandpa Hart at the Cowboy Dinner... and his characteristic cheesy grin!
Eric got the honor of holding cousin J up to touch the huge longhorn steer
Amber and lil C. He looks kinda put out in this pic
Lil cousin A was a bit obsessed with Gwen... a love hate relationship
cousin J and cousin C are getting along wonderfully, though! check out that hug!
Pose for the camera or eat the camera or do both at the same time
had to capture the adults taking pics of the kidlets: Grandpa, Spencer, Grandma, Amber
And the next few: Gwen's complex relationship with her cowgirl hat

Tamara and her boys, J and A plus baby in the belly
Daddy gives Gwen's hat a try. Nice trade.
I think she fancies herself a cowgirl
lil A poses on the train
Gwen on the train with her new pheasant "wooster" (rooster)

Grandpa and cousin A

Eric said "Gwen" wanted to ride the grub rather than the pretty butterfly
Lil cousin C was an expert at wearing himself out at Silver Dollar City
Back in AR, Grandpa entertains Gwen outside
with an impromptu (swimsuitless) round of fun in the pool
Grandma reads to Gwen before naptime
J showed Gwen all kinds of tricks in the pool. He taught her to blow bubbles. She was stoked.
I was there lovin on the lil swimmers
Uncle Spencer helped the kidlets pick some fresh blueberries in the backyard
spaghetti dinner at Aunt Tamara's house with Gwen, J, and A at the special cousin table. They loved being together!

Sure had a great time at the Hart family reunion! Love you guys! See you in November!


  1. boy, that 'A' cousin is dang cute! I think he has a similar grabby attitude with his little sister...

  2. Ha, love the pictures!! I love seeing C eating the camera! so cute! I'm excited to see you guys soon...maybe in November!

  3. Looks like a rootin tootin good time.