Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making Room for Christ

Gwen reminded me today:

MAKE room for Christ this Christmas.

I chose one 'sturdy' Nativity to put at Gwen's eye and hand level this Christmas so that she could really get into it. When I showed her all the people and animals, she was really excited. She unhesitatingly emptied her purse-- carrying all her favorite 'treasures' like her 2 turtles, ducky, monkeys, Minnie Mouse, and even Aurora-- so that she could fit all of the figurines from the Nativity in there. She was insistent upon carrying it around and taking Jesus with her into the car.
Then later while playing upstairs with her fairy treehouse-- her favorite new distraction and 'home' for all her lil critters-- she unhesitatingly replaced the fairy in the swing with a wise man, the fairy at the table with an angel, the fairy in the tree with 3 sheep, the ducky in the flower shower with a shepherd and cow, and the unicorn in the house with Mary, Joseph, a couple of wisemen, and the baby Jesus. And baby Jesus got to eat the apples.

Moral of the story: there are plenty of GOOD things to fill our lives with this Christmas season. Lots of things that are our favorites. But we have to MAKE room for the Savior, even if that means removing something that we really like. I hope there will be room in my inn, because I'll make it. Gwen's got the idea.


  1. What a sweet example our children are to us. My kids are very into the nativities around the house this year too. I got them a Little People one for their room and they play with it all the time. Hope you guys have a lovely Christmas season!

  2. This is a beautiful entry! Give that baby a squeeze for me~

  3. I LOVE this Elisa! What a wonderful lesson to learn, and taught in such a sweet, innocent way! Totally love it.

  4. I taught the lesson in RS today, and this was my topic. I showed the following video, and you might like it too:

    Such an important message! Great entry!