Friday, December 3, 2010

Ugliest, but most forgiving project I've ever sewn...

I had a ton of fabric-- a lot of nice canvas-ey type material that I think is supposed to be for outdoor furniture and pieces of sturdy, but less than attractive material-- that I inherited from other gals. Now, I am a waste-not-want-not kind of gal and haven't been able to part with these 'priceless' fabrics, even though I really didn't have a project in mind or any good use for them. I was going to finally get rid of them... when I had an inspiration!

Reusable grocery bags!

Yes, they are ugly. Yes, they are far from perfect. No, they don't have fancy piping or any other accessories that will make them stand open on their own, fold up nicely, or even look cute. But you know what? All 6 large bags only took me less than 2 hours from start to finish, I didn't have to worry about perfect measuring, edges, pinning, corners, or hems. I just cut, serged, and then sewed straps on. Wuah-lah! Fabric put to good, practical use; cut down on clutter from plastic grocery bags; and even contribute a small part to reducing strain on the environment--

a FREE, fast, and FORGIVING way to spend Gwen's nap today!


  1. They look great and isn't nap time the best time of the day???

  2. I am very impressed!!! Look at you!! I think they look great, actually. Much better than my store-bought ones.