Saturday, January 29, 2011


15 page paper COMPLETED!!!!! Hooray!

A focused, busy week of research and writing! (Doing all the textbook reading, finding articles, gathering other sources and reading them, and typing the entire paper--all within 2 weeks--really pushed me to a thin point where I nearly cracked.) It has been a looooong, exhausting week. While I desperately needed a break during the week, I pushed through....and this is my reward for being diligent!
I treat myself to a little crafting.
The bliss of a relaxing project as a reward.
Making a rag quilt for Gwen's toddler bed (she's not in one yet, this is just preparatory)

What is your preferred reward for hard work?


  1. Good job Elisa!!! That's awesome!

    My reward for hard work is either chocolate, a good meal out, or a spa treatment (like a pedicure or massage). I sound like a pampered princess, but those are the things I really enjoy. :)

  2. Way to go on getting the paper done!!! And I am 100% with Shannon... I like chocolate, eating out, and spa treatments!!! But these days a nap or a bath will work considering it's not likely that I'll get either.

  3. WTG getting that done! I'm looking for scrap time these days.

  4. ugh, I'm not sure how you did that!
    You rock.

    I like to reward myself with Time.
    Time for myself, time to work on a project of my choosing. Time away from it all. (Can you tell I don't have enough time to do some of my favorite things?) I'm working on fixing that, but it might take some 'time' :)

    Triple chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Ha ha ha

  5. My reward is usually something EDIBLE! Congrats on your hard work.

  6. Great job on the paper!!

    ow do you do that type of quilt??