Saturday, June 4, 2011

100 things to be grateful for: #81-100

81. great friend E
82. getting to spend some quality time together for a long overdue chat
83. good news is always welcome
84. I finally care about the protagonist in a book I'm reading for school... there is a reason why this novel is barely 1/2 finished after a full 2 months. Good to at last be sort of interested in what occurs. :)
85. polar bears catching and eating fish before our eyes! Also jumping and leaping in the water!
86. sharing the first fresh peas from the garden right out of the pod and seeing how much Gwen loved em!
87. plenty of time for Sunday School lesson preparation
88. inspiration that I KNOW comes from the Holy Spirit-- and therefore from my Heavenly Father-- to guide me in my preparations. What a huge gift!
89. Gwen gives me sweet kisses every night after prayer
90. Looks like grocery bill for this week will be WELL under budget... a nice cushion from overflow for surprisingly expensive weeks is always nice!

91. making kimchi with Emi
92. oh, the delicious smells of kimchi-- brings back so many wonderful memories of Korea!
93. eating kimchi... you get the idea. I LOVED doing this with such a dear friend! we had so much fun!
94. Caroline has survived her first round of immunizations... a lil worse for wear, but she'll make it. :)
95. getting a tuition reimbursement from my MA program (had to pay out of pocket while the scholarship fund was going through)-- a nice, timely, lil cushion in the bank account to help us pay hospital bills!
96. a thoughtful note from Eric's grandparents
97. getting the Utah away rotation in the month of September just like we wanted!
98. Gwen minded me very well today
99. Netflix online viewing: gotta love Thomas the train
100. Hooray! so glad to be done with this posting project! (I'm prepared to admit that it has sort of worn me out having to attempt to post daily for 10 days, even something as pleasant and beneficial as a list of gratefuls. Obviously, daily posts didn't really happen because I got so behind, but the "pressure" was still there in the back of my mind. Glad to be back to posting when I feel like it!)


  1. Honestly, I didn't like the pressure to post, either! And I was terrible about doing it. Ugh. I have to catch up with my last ones today. Not my favoritest idea—but it is nice to focus on the positive.

    I especially love #84. Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm crazy/ruined on reading because I'm a writer and no one else reads that books that way (or will appreciate/notice the work that people like me put into those books).

    You have peas already? Lucky ducky.

    Thanks for participating! I was so happy to see your lists every . . . whenever. :D

  2. haha, well everyday is a bit much; but at least it was on your mind (the positive, right?). good job on the peas! I'm excited for our garden to start producing: x fingers crossed!

    Oh hospital bills.