Tuesday, May 31, 2011

100 things to be grateful for: #51-80

51. Church. I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ
52. Sacrament. I need that covenant renewal so badly every week.
53. nursery. Gwen needs this play time with her friends
54. "Jesus magnets". The best gift I could have imagined for my lil toddler-- she LOVES them!
55. sitting with Camilla in Sunday School. I've missed her.
56. sitting with Heather C. in Relief Society. I'm going to miss her.
57. amazing home teaching visit. Brought the spirit and challenges me to be better.
58. all the phone calls being finished early-- we enjoyed a relaxing and quiet (er) evening than typical
59. reentering my calling: I'm scheduled to teach again!
60. being of service to my dear friend and neighbor by editing her paper

61. sacrifice of others to give us the freedoms we enjoy
62. freedom
63. holidays when the family can be together for something fun during the day!
64. Hocking Hills, especially gorgeous and refreshing waterfalls
65. 1 sleeping baby on the drive down (which offset the whining of the other one: 'I wanna get out my seat")
66. 1 sleeping toddler on the drive back home (which offset the crying of the other one for who knows what reason)
67. great friends with whom we managed to meet up and hike around together
68. the "old man" of the cave, whom Gwen liked more than Santa Claus
69. amazing location for enduring the grueling workout of stairs
70. feeling like I earned my dinner of burgers, homemade onion rings, and blackberry-cheesecake shakes
71. NOT eating the ant I found in my cereal
72. ibuprofen for the headache that follows sore neck and shoulder muscles from hiking wearing a baby
73. Donald in Math Magic Land to entertain Gwen so I could rest til #72 kicked in.
74. FINALLY capturing that elusive Caroline grin on camera!
75. libraries with all their educational entertainment
76. a baby who miraculously fell asleep on the floor and slept protected under a chair for the duration of big sis's play time at said library
77. chatting with Sabrina, particularly grateful for her willingness to drive to meet me there so we could hang out.
78. Gwen actually obeyed me and didn't fight me about having to hold my hand in the parking lot
79. planning to make kimchee with Emi: I'm so excited!
80. long showers


  1. Oh, holy COW!!! Look at that cute baby grin! I just need to squeeeeeeeeeze her!

  2. My goodness Caroline has the cutest little smile!!! I love it. Good job capturing it. I love your gratitude lists. They say so much about your life. :) Sounds like things have been going well!

  3. This picture is adorable! She looks like Mommy here, I think. So i guess that means she looks like you, too. :) So cute!

  4. All I think about now is hiking that same trail last summer with a 3 week old. Those stairs! Killer on a postpartum mama. ;)