Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos: Hocking Hills on Memorial Day

Emi invited anyone interested to join them at Hocking Hills for Memorial Day. We jumped at the chance since the only other time we've been was 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Gwen. It was August, excruciatingly hot, and the waterfalls were all dried up. It wasn't the best it could have been, so we vowed to return earlier in the year. Well this was our chance. and it was AWESOME! (Btw, I got an excruciating workout this time as well. Maybe it is just me...)
the whole group: Gwen, Eric, Jes, Brad, Sakura, Trevor and Emi
(Caroline and I are behind the camera)

the fam

fam plus Emi and Sakura

Gwen LOVED touching this waterfall after I 'helped' her do it the first time

Daddy carrying more than his fair share of the weight

Proving that I was there

Eric thought this sequence of photos was hilarious since he captured this poor girl biffing it. I was using her as an example: "see Gwen, this is why mommy has to hold your hand. the rocks are very slippery and you don't want to fall and get ow-ies like her"

the very Harley Davidson-esque tattooed "old man" of Old Man's Cave. Gwen liked him more than Santa Claus. As we were leaving she said, "at first he was a bad guy, but now he's nice"

Gwen posing. She said, "my turn daddy!"

beginning to get wet

Gwen enjoying the water. even though she was shivering all over, she didn't want to come out.

Eric takes the waterfall plunge

all wet

scenic view, and more evidence that I was there

the rest are just pretty landscape shots


  1. That looks pretty refreshing!

  2. Har har har, I can't get over that girl biffing it...

  3. Yay! I am so glad you made it back to Hocking Hills! It was the perfect time to go because of all the rain we have been getting. I love it! It's so gorgeous!