Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 things to be grateful for: #21-30

21. Mission calls: my BIL Bryce just got called to Des Moines, Iowa!
22. homemade cookies from my MIL--doesn't get much better than that!
23. winning the mission guessing game. Well, Caroline won, actually, but I never win anything, so vicarious wins are still a big deal!
24. BIL Collin. He had a birthday.
25. homemade bread that actually rises!
26. that said, I am grateful to my MIL for sharing her expertise in a 1-on-1 baking tutelage session in which I gained all the tips and skills that allowed number 25 to happen
27. competition-- it brings out the best in me because I am so naturally competitive and it drives me to accomplish more than I would otherwise. Eric and I are embarking on a friendly competition, inspired by the Biggest Loser, only with a twist since Eric has to gain weight and I have to lose it. Going off of percentages, with weekly points and a grand prize for reaching team and personal goals! I'm stoked to begin! (and I should add that Eric is taking the competition really seriously. He lifted weights last night for 1/2 and hour and got up early this morning to power walk 3 miles before going in to the lab)
28. Gwen's compliments. She praises me for my clothes, my hair, my jewelry, etc. I love to hear her say in her sweet voice, "I like your necklace Mom" or "oh, your hair is so beautiful". Makes my day!
29. FHE. Gwen has been struggling with showing affection to Eric, for who knows what reason. She wouldn't sit on his lap, give him hugs or kisses, and would run the other direction screaming "no-no-no-no" if Eric tried to give her a hug. I felt bad for him. So I planned a lesson about Daddy, focusing it around the Primary song "I'm so Glad when Daddy comes Home"... and it is working! Yesterday she greeted Eric and giggled the whole time while she sang along with me and performed all the actions. What an inspired way for family to grow together and to provide a forum for teaching and learning.
30. To go along with #29, I'm grateful for how music can get Gwen to do just about anything. :)


    What kind of cookies do you want? (She asks as you embark on the gain weight/lose weight challenge...)

  2. Your bread looks fantastic! Mmm. Good luck with the weight challenge! I'm pulling for you both. :)

  3. Hey. Both us & my parents live in the Des Monies mission. We'll have to keep an eye out for him.

  4. Des Moines, eh? Interesting...

    and way to go bread! I've had my own experiences of brick bread...glad you found the cloud!