Monday, May 23, 2011

100 things to be grateful for: #1-10

inspired by my good friend, Jordan. 10 'gratefuls' for 10 days, no repeats. my list will not be ranked in order of importance to my life or eternity, just things especially pertinent to the day. Begin:
  1. my sister and her family are safe after a dangerous tornado last night in Arkansas that took 100 lives
  2. ditto to the safety of my parents and brother, also in Arkansas, but not as close to the tornado
  3. when Caroline's naptime and Gwen's quiet time magically coincide!
  4. rain- don't have to water the garden
  5. a lul in the rain for enjoying outside with the kids
  6. 5 transplanted tomato plants from my good friend Emi because she heard all our starts bit the dust
  7. a baby who slept 7 hours straight last night!
  8. a great, uninterrupted scripture study
  9. air conditioning-- because up until a week ago ours was broken and it was sweltering.
  10. my wonderful friends here... contemplating how many have already moved and those who will leave soon, it just makes me realize even more how much I love them and will miss our close proximity.


  1. I'm so jealous your 1-month old slept so long--I think maybe Henrik has done that ONCE, within the last couple weeks. So glad your family is safe. I loved those quiet moments when both girls actually slept/had quiet time together. I'm sorry everything seems to be breaking down in your apartment! And that isn't just recent--I'll never forget the story about the broken dishwasher just before the power went out for over a week! Your girls are absolutely adorable.

  2. what a wonderful idea! I love it! perhaps in a few days I'll follow suit. :)