Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caroline 1 Month

Caroline is 1 month now, and a few days (I'm already behind, are you surprised?). Photos taken when she was 1 month and 2 days old.

10 lbs (75th percentile)
21 inches (50th percentile)
31.5 cm head (70th percentile)

She is still a champion eater, chunking up so her face has changed quite a bit, and doing well with sleeping too. Most delightful developments are the small upturned corners of her mouth that peek out every now and then and have each of us convinced that we got her to smile at us first!


  1. What a doll! Seriously she has the cutest little face! Love her flower bow too. Already a month old. Sigh. It really goes too fast. Talia is 5 months and seems like such a big girl already. Glad that she is a good eater and sleeper. That makes life with little ones go so much smoother!

  2. She looks so much like you, Elisa! I love her dark hair. so cute! And she IS a chunk!

  3. Congrats Allans! :) She is just beautiful! I love the name Caroline-it's my little sister's name. Hope you guys are doing well.

  4. I can't believe I haven't seen her yet. I feel like someone is sick all the time (and we just barely got back into town). I'm battling a chest cold but as soon as it passes I want to meet Miss Caroline! She's adorable!

  5. Elisa, she is so cute! Congrats! I can't belive how much different from Gwen she looks. Hope all is well.