Sunday, May 15, 2011

Allans Visit #4 Eric's Birthday and more pics with Caroline

In addition to being Gwen's Blessing day, Sunday was also Eric's birthday.

We celebrated with some delicious
crock pot carnitas with homemade pico de gallo in tortilla wraps,
opened presents (including but not limited to a book about Battles that changed history complete with tactic illustrations, Donald Duck in math-magic land, and thoughtful cards)
followed by peach cobbler (Eric's fave-- baked in the Harris's oven. Again we were indebted to them.) and ice cream.
And of course, there were several more photo ops with Caroline. Papa Allan got her to fall asleep on him twice...and managed to eat ice cream while she snoozed! P.S.: Mama Allan, I'm including all these pics here so you can tell me which ones you'd like me to send you. I'd be happy to send them all, but that might be kind of repetitive.


  1. Just send what you think are the best ones...they are so cute!!