Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grandma Sugar and the Girls

Grandma Sugar, aka, my mom, was able to come for a couple of weeks to spend time with the girls. Caroline got in some good shoulder naps, but Gwen was really the greatest beneficiary of the visit.
She LOVED playing with "Grandma's jeweleries" and put them on herself, her animals, her babies, her tree house, etc, etc. She would ask for them constantly...if she wasn't asking for "Grandma's brushes". Which are makeup brushes. She loved to empty the bag and dust the soft brushes on the appropriate place whether eyes, cheeks, nose, or chin. She'd then look at herself in the hand mirror and say something about how pretty she looked. Now, I've never let her play with my makeup... but now she is asking for my bag when she sees me putting on my makeup... Hopefully out of sight out of mind?

And for your viewing pleasure, some great pics of Caroline and Gwen. I love the one of them together because Gwen looks so content and Caroline looks like she is trying to squirm away.

Thanks for everything, Mommy, and thanks for the great visit! We love you!


  1. what sweet girls!! so cute! I can't believe how big little CAroline is already!

  2. oh man. these pictures make me feel all sqwishy! I miss that age!