Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100 things to be grateful for: #11-20

11. a zoo membership-- having a place to take Gwen is wonderful!
12. Shane Smith-- he is Gwen's best friend, and I gotta tell ya, he is so conscientious of her and tries so hard to make her happy. I LOVE seeing how happy she is to chase him, be chased by him, have him help her up on benches too high for her to get up on her own, or even try to put her shoe back on when he discovered her distress at it falling off her foot. I LOVE that Gwen has such a wonderful friend in her life!
13. leftovers. nuf said.
14. a baby that LOVES to nurse! What a huge blessing that is, in so many ways!
15. Biggest Loser-- I've been watching this season on Hulu when I nurse. Never watched it before now, but I am really motivated by the contestants to make smart choices with my nutrition. I'm proud that today I was strong enough to opt out of fresh bread and blackberry jam and chose raw, plain cauliflower as my snack.
16. baby Caroline grins!!!
17. ATMs that don't require me to get out--let the sleeping children sleep, ya know? :)
18. Eric and Gwen daddy-daughter walks (and my quiet time with Caroline)
19. corn on the cob
20. fresh raspberries

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  1. Number 12 made me smile ear to ear :) I love it! I love that Shane and Gwen are such good friends!!!