Saturday, May 28, 2011

100 things to be grateful for: #51-60

51. ward breakfast
52. playing at the park with friends
53. when other people hold Caroline so I can eat, take care of Gwen, or whatever
54. inspiring gals like my friend C, who ran a 5k this morning in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy and then showed up for the breakfast (rather than going home to a soothing bubble bath or massage)
55. Asian Festival! totally free parking and entrance and performances!
56. a healthy walk to and from the event
57. when a Korean lady offered me a job as a youth pastor teaching Sunday School at her Korean church
58. Gwen LOVIN the lil hut with the tea set and wooden sushi roll that you could 'cut'
59. amazing weather for the event! sunny, but not excruciatingly hot
60. Emi chasing Gwen down for me again and again since I was wearing Caroline.

1 comment:

  1. I love ward breakfasts!

    I can't imagine running a 5k in my 3rd trimester! (Then again, I can't believe I ever ran one, LOL.)

    Thanks so much for participating!