Monday, July 25, 2011

Firsts and some not-so-firsts but still 'funs'

  • Caroline rolled over from her back to her tummy unassisted for the first time on Friday... and I MISSED it! She was hanging out in the living room while I prepped dinner in the kitchen. I peeked to check on her... and lo and behold she was on her tummy just lookin around! She hasn't done it again since then, so maybe it was a fluke, but I am still excited about her development!
  • Caroline also transitioned from the cute gurgles and bubbles of last week's vocal experimentation to SCREAMING. She discovered the sound on Friday (I guess Friday was a big day for her). She just likes the way this new noise sounds, so she'll lay on the floor screaming even if she is happy. It kind of makes it hard to tell what she needs. And our house just got really noisy.
  • Gwen has been dreaming. Wednesday after her nap she said she was riding on the back of a blue elephant. Saturday when she got up from her nap she said, "I SAW him! The carrot was dancing! Outside! Let's go see him!" Funny. blue elephants. dancing carrot dreams. Gotta love kids.
  • Gwen also had her first successful poop in the potty. (And then 2 accidents in the same day. obviously, we're not finished training yet.) That's progress!
  • Not really Gwen's first birthday party to attend since she's been to 4 or 5 before, but this was the first one that she was really old enough to appreciate, I think. She really had a blast at J's Princess Party. I think Cinderella's visit, the crown, and the wand have rekindled her interest in Princesses. She wants to have them all the time and loves going around saying, "biddy,boddy,boo!"

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