Wednesday, August 17, 2011

driving ooops

I committed a serious traffic violation today because I wasn't paying attention. (I'm not going to specify what exactly, just in case there are cops out there with nothing better to do than stalk blogs looking for confessions and offering ticket citations for infractions). I was in an unfamiliar part of town, looking for a way to an on ramp... and I wasn't focusing on my immediate surroundings. Let's just say, I feel AWFUL... and idiotic... I'm trying hard not to beat myself up because everything turned out okay, no collisions, no injuries. My babies are fine. All that is really wounded is my pride, my driving confidence, and maybe the horns of other cars. Today, I was THAT driver.

Maybe that will teach me to think more generously about drivers who do stupid things.


  1. It happens to everyone....she says as she thinks about the time she drove the wrong way on a one way street right after she moved to Twin.

  2. Augh. Last week I was getting on the freeway. There were a few cars int he way. The person trying to merge in front of me ran out of on-ramp and slowed down, then stopped.

    I couldn't have stopped in time so I cut across two lanes of traffic (in front of someone, but not close enough to cut them off--but they were why I got in the passing lane).

    In my rearview I saw the car that had been in front of me still sitting on the on ramp waiting for a break in traffic. Not illegal, but I felt like a jerk.

    (BTW, just came across this: great story! )