Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.

We're HOME!!!!(I'll spare you the details about how we came home at 3:30 am to literally hundreds of dead fruit flies in our fridge and I subsequently had to empty the whole thing...just in CASE their excuse for being there was that we'd lost power to the unit somewhere along the way...one doesn't take chances with mayo)
Well, I am sooo excited to share a TON of photos with you guys from our past month! I'll drizzle them out over the next couple of days. As I have time. I'm on a declutter-cleaning-organizing spree which demands attention until completion. I can't exactly just leave a project unfinished. It is messy. So I'm taking it room by room and piling everything in the living room for giving away. I'm THRILLED that so many things have found good homes already! It makes the 'separation anxiety' a ton easier.
But what I know you REALLY want to hear about is how these girls are doing:
This one is 5 1/2 months now, can you believe it?
And this one is looking forward to her 3rd birthday in a little more than a month.

Both have really grown up this trip, so stay tuned for all the evidence!


  1. I wanna hear about your decluttering spree...and your girls are adorable!

  2. oh, and I love your new family main picture! So beautiful!

  3. Miss you already....sorry about the fruit flies!

  4. Fruit flies are the bane of fall. Sorry about that! Also, I tried to look at your book, but the site said it was private and needed a password...

  5. Fruit flies are a pain! I'm glad it feels good to be home, though. We've come to really appreciate having a home in our neck of the woods. By the way, the family photo at the top of your blog is beautiful. Perfect family photo.

  6. Ditto to the family picture at the top of your blog! That is gorgeous and so perfect for a family of four. Oh I love it Elisa! And I also want to hear about your decluttering spree! It's so good to go through things and free up some space (physically and mentally!). Good luck with it, and can't wait to hear about your adventures.