Friday, September 30, 2011

Everyone Lovin on Caroline

Caroline, poor girl, was sick off and on the ENTIRE month. That nasty cold with green snotty congestion and crazy disgusting sneezes. She had a rough time, but made the best of it. Thankfully, there were plenty of willing hands to hold her or try to make her smile. And succeed they did! Check out these grins! (What the picture can't reveal is the delightful, squealing 'screaming' that always accompanied her play time in the evenings! She gets really excited and worked up! So funny!)
It was really special to be able to capture some Caroline and Uncle Bryce moments. We managed to time it just right and be in Twin Falls for his last Sunday before leaving on a mission to Iowa. He really has grown into a wonderful young man and we know he'll be an amazing missionary. I suppose, in fact, that he already is! He's been in the field for a couple weeks now... Too bad Caroline was having one of her "I'm-not-feeling-well-and-don't-expect-me-to-smile-when-I'm-miserable" moments.
Special moments with Uncle Collin, Aunt Rachelle, and Aunt Elise
can you tell she doesn't feel well?
She officially entered the 'grabby' stage this month. Glasses, hair, lips, clothing...beware. This girl has a vice grip! (funny story bout that: Gwen has learned when sitting next to Caroline in the double stroller to lean to the outside---otherwise Caroline always finds her hair and PULLS!!!)
Watch out Grandpa, Gotcha!

Her development this month? Well she hit and surpassed the 5 month milestone, has made her first real attempts at solids (and depending on her mood likes her rice cereal), is rolling from front to back and back to front freely, finally successfully sleeps on her back, and has a hilarious 'courtesy' laugh when you tickle her-- sometimes it sounds like an old man

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  1. Such a cute good and happy even when she doesn't feel well!