Saturday, October 1, 2011

Princess Gwen-- Lovin the Attention!

Gwen loves being a Princess-- and what could be better than adoring subjects surrounding her, doing her bidding (which was usually "you wanna play! you be Emily, I be Thomas.") I loved watching all her uncles on the floor using exaggerated British voices to play trains with her. They are way more creative in the 'play' department than I am, gotta admit. The scenarios and stories they come up with, seriously...
the awesome pillow and blanket fort the Uncles made for her.
and though she fought naps every day, all that fun got to her pretty much every time.
side note, just to brag on her, Gwen has pretty much mastered potty training. Accidents are rare. She loves her big girl panties AND the bragging rights every time she is successful (she'll come charging out of the bathroom: "Dadda! I went PEE PEE!!!!") Next step is removing the safety net of diapers/pullups at nap and bed times. Are we ready for that?

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