Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hike down in the Canyon

Papa Allan (aka Grandpa) had a day off work so we decided to go on a morning hike down into the canyon for a good workout, some brisk air, and lovely scenery. It was breathtaking, and I'm not exaggerating about that. If I can be perfectly honest, I've never really thought Twin Falls was pretty (Much to Eric's dismay). This trip changed that for me. I fell in love with the canyon. Can you blame me?
Gwen was in a backpack---not a child carrying backpack, just a regular backpack. She just stood in there. She didn't seem to mind, though.
Caroline enjoyed the Bjorn.
Wild blackberries for a quick snack
Enjoying the river with Ollie
I LOVED the hike down... and got a FABULOUS workout on the way back out. Man. I'm telling you, my Father-in-law makes it look a lot easier than it is! Either that, or I'm in a lot worse shape than I thought. Which, I suppose, is entirely possible.


  1. I have always thought the same thing about Twin! When we visit family there, Kris inevitably says something like, "We could move here one day..." and as much as I love family I always look around at the windswept nothingness and think, "Not on your life!" :) But you might have just furthered his cause slightly with these gorgeous photos.

    The pic of Caroline in the Bjorn is too cute!

  2. I guess compared to some kind of island paradise, Twin does look a somewhat desolate, but it has its own stark, rugged attractiveness that grows on you and is an awesome place to raise a family, which was more important to us than the scenery.
    As for Scott and the hiking. I'm positive that it's some kind of genetic engineering...a cross with some kind of mountain goat genes.

  3. I had an aunt & uncle who lived in Twin, and I always loved driving near the temple and then seeing the beautiful canyon. You got some wonderful photos!!

  4. Hiking out of the Canyon I think is hard!! and YOU had a baby on your front-go you! Also I agree with Sam that pic of Caroline is really cute!