Friday, October 28, 2011

Cumple anos y butterflies

Our neighbors have a daughter only 2 weeks older than Gwen. These girls are great friends... a love-hate relationship, actually, because they really like each other's favorite toys. :) Well, lil "A" had a birthday party early, and Gwen was invited. I think we were almost the only ones there NOT Spanish speakers. Didn't seem to phase Gwen, though. She jumped right in and got her face painted with a butterfly, then had a balloon made into a butterfly.
funny story: Gwen got to try her hand at a pinata. She was timid and didn't break anything, in fact she hardly managed to hit it. But afterwards, she was talking with her daddy:

Gwen: lightly hitting Eric's shoulder
Eric: "Gwen, what are you doing? Why are you hitting daddy?"
Gwen: "Daddy, I beat the candy out of you!"

LOL, gotta love it!

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  1. I was hoping she tried her hand at speaking Spanish...and I had no idea that Eric was full of candy! LUCKY! lol too funny