Friday, October 7, 2011

In Utah with Cousins

We spent a little less than 2 weeks in Utah with more family. Explaining to Gwen that her newest friends were "first cousin once removed"s just didn't make sense. They really were wonderful with her and she still talks about "Cousin R" and "Cousin S" and "Cousin L" (only she uses their names, of course. I just omitted those for online). She was THRILLED when they got home from school!

Gwen loved the trampoline and anyone willing to take her out to it. She enjoyed the anthropomorphic tendencies that it gave to balls... they would chase her and she loved it! Cousin S shows her some things...

Cousin R painted her toenails, which she still talks about. Apparently, I don't do as good a job. :)
Cousin L shared her toys... but really, Cousin L's deepest love was for Caroline. Had to take these pics because they matched. Unplanned, but so cute.
okay, so pretty much everyone loved Caroline and showered her with attention whenever she was awake. She ate it up! Thanks so much Uncle Matt and Aunt Melinda for hosting us for a couple weeks (and Eric for the entire month!) The girls loved it, really!

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  1. We had so much fun with you guys here! My girls sure missed yours when you left.