Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the Pumpkin Farm

Our church is really great about bringing people together, helping to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I love this about our congregation. It makes Ohio home and so many of my friends are like family. One dear friend organized a fun outing to a pumpkin patch. The turn out wasn't as large as normal because the weather advertised rain... but none came. In fact, the weather was pretty much perfect because there was a nice cool breeze but the sun was warm and bright. We had a wonderful time with our close-knit group and our children running around together.

Caroline was kind of a stinkerpot (she had her immunizations the day before) and so I sent Gwen on the hay ride with friends (thanks so much you guys!) while I waited with the squirt in the stroller.
There is something so comforting and down-to-earth about being on a farm. I love seeing my lil "sprouts" growing and am reminded of the work it takes to cultivate them... and the obvious rewards of putting plenty of care towards the eventual harvest. And you know, there is definitely a daily harvest too. :)


  1. Oh that looks like fun. Love the fall festivities!!!

  2. What a fun small group of friends! Love all the pictures - definitely miss you!!