Sunday, October 2, 2011

Canning Project: Tomatoes

Labor Day Weekend Eric drove back up to Idaho to be with us. We were all happy to see him! and he got to join in the canning project of the weekend: tomatoes!
Don't you just LOVE the fact that the menfolk prep the tomatoes in the club house? Cracks me up! And as you can see, Gwen was a big help. Well, she just wanted to be where the action was... and where her Daddy was!
Uncle Collin and Daddy also worked on watering the trees in the orchard. Guess where Gwen was? Right. The water...


  1. We've been doing pears and baby food; this time of year is soooo busy!
    I love your storybook!

  2. That was such a busy weekend and I so appreciated all the help!